Eat Locally in Marina di Ravenna

One of the great pleasures of being specialist yacht journalists is that when you travel to review yachts you are generally very well looked after by the PR team who facilitate the trip.

As a result you get to visit restaurants that can only be found using local knowledge.  These are generally the best, often hidden away off the beaten track and not necesaarily the most expensive.

On this trip to Ravenna the Monaco sales office of Wally took us out to two restaurants offering wonderful examples of local cuisine cooked to perfection.

The first was Singita, a well presented beach bar where aperativos where served on the beach.  This rolled into a seemingly endless stream of plates of seafood, served in different ways including pasta and risotto.  In the company of fellow journalists and ship yard representatives we enjoyed dinner. Absolutely perfect.

Lunch the next day, if it is possible, was even better!  Ristorante Alma on the viale della Place cooks food in the traditional local style known as Romagnola.

If you do nothing else you should visit here and eat freshly baked Piadina Emiliana an incredibly moorish unleavened bread.  It is a far softer and less chewy version of the more mundane simple Piadina.

Top it with the local soft creamy Squacquarone cheese, add the local chutney and take a bite. Mmmmm…. you will think you have gone to heaven.

The friendly Proprietor has no website but call him on +39 0544 530284