Charter the Fantastic Golden Fleet

Who is she?
The Golden Fleet consists of three yachts, a seaplane and an array of over thirty pieces of leisure equipment!
Where is she chartering?
French Polynesia for the months of July and August
Why is she special?
If you are looking to have a mind-blowing holiday, step onboard the sensational Golden Fleet and make the most of the breath- taking landscapes and tropical atmosphere of remote Tahiti.
The fleet consists of three yachts, a seaplane and over 30 pieces of fantastic sports equipment! Luxury yacht Golden Odyssey hosts 12 guests in more than 80 meters of sumptuous space. Many more can be accommodated for dinner, either in the stunning formal dining room, set behind a seawater fish tank, or on deck, beside a large counter current pool lit at night by hundreds of fibre optic “stars”.
Exploration support comes from Golden Shadow, while Golden Osprey is a dedicated sports fisherman.
Three yachts, seamlessly coordinated for one incredible experience.
Who is the central charter agent?
What is her Charter Rate?
US$700,000 to charter The Golden Fleet (fuel only for Golden Eye when chartering fleet). US$500,000 to charter Golden Odyssey only