New Book On The Law Of Yachts And Yachting

Edited by a Richard Coles a law practitioner and Filippo Lorenzon a researcher, The Law of Yachts and Yachting covers the legal issues that could arise during the life of a professionally crewed superyacht from conception to scrap yard. 

Specialist contributors include:

  • Graeme Bowtle
  • Nigel Cooper QC
  • James Gopsill
  • Richard Shaw
  • Professor Mikis Tsimplis
  • Pawel Wysocki

It is a practitioner’s book, to be used by lawyers and professionals involved in all aspects of superyacht operations, including; design, construction, financing, registration, charter, insurance and compliance.

It covers:

  • The first comprehensive treatise in this area of maritime law
  • All major aspects of yachting law in a single practitioners’ book
  • Comprehensive coverage with commentary on contract law, admiralty and liability matters, together with compliance with international and European law and practice
  • Reference to international case law
  • Includes extensive practical commentary on the MYBA forms and Institute Yacht Clauses

Table of Contents

  • 1 Yacht-building Contracts
  • 2 Yacht Registration
  • 3 Value Added Tax and Yachts
  • 4 Yacht Finance
  • 5 Insurance Legislation and Contracts
  • 6 Employment and Manning
  • 7 Yacht Brokers
  • 8 Yacht Chartering and the MYBA Form
  • 9 Mooring
  • 10 Sale and Purchase under the MYBA Form
  • 11 LY2: Safety and Compliance for Superyachts
  • 12 Accidents at Sea
  • 13 The Recycling of Yachts

Having seen it I can confirm that it is very heavy in all senses of the word

Authors Filippo Lorenzon and Richard Coles the book is due to be published in August 2012. ISBN 978 1 84311 888 6 Price: £260