Now You Can Identify Who Owns What Superyacht

Keeping up with who owns what when it comes to superyachts can be difficult.  Its not that we want to publicise the information because unless the information is common knowledge we do not do so, but nevertheless as experts its good to stay in touch with every aspect of the industry.

One new Web site that might make things easier is

On it you will find information about the largest superyachts in the world and the wealthy who own them.

The site owners say it is constantly updated with the latest information about superyachts and superyacht owners and they ask that if you have any information or update about a superyacht or it’s owner, you should send them an e-mail.

The site carries a disclaimer which says: The details about superyacht ownership as stated on this site are mostly based on rumors. In almost no case actual yacht ownership by the private individual mentioned can be proofed. 

It adds: This site is for entertainment purposes only.