My Favourite Place: Maldives

My Favourite Place: Maldives

Linda Cartlidge PR Director for Asia Pacific Superyachts explains extraordinary explorations in the Maldives Archipelago

The Maldives, one of the best and most fascinating travel destinations in the world, is fast emerging as a world favorite for a superyacht cruising journey. 

Arriving at the Maldives Archipelago superyachts encounter groups of 26 atolls in entirely natural formation, with only a small number inhabited, making up the chain of islands waiting to be discovered. The flat islands are formed from coral layers, the highest point rarely being more than 6’ above sea level. Located in the Indian Ocean 670 km south-west of Sri Lanka and covering an area of 300 km, they are protected from monsoon devastation by barrier reefs and rarely suffer from major storms. 

These Maldives archipelago miniscule coral islets of deep blue seas offer fantastic cruising adventures with the waterways providing the best and most natural of transport and overhead weather generally picture perfect – sunlit days, breezy nights, balmy mornings and iridescent sunsets. 

Long stretches of sugar-white beaches are sanctuary to countless sea birds and extensive coral reefs host an endless variety of exotic fish and marine life. The islands provide a home for the annual migration of Whale Sharks and Mantra Rays and throughout the Maldives Whale Sharks are found patrolling very close to the surface, making the Maldives an ideal destination for snorkelers in any season.