Kimberly II for Charter in Croatia

Who is she?
43m Kimberly II built in 2006 by Mondomarine
Where is she chartering?
Dalmatian Coast
Why is she special?
Sail through the Adriatic’s deep blue waters, explore the stunning coastline and its myriad islands.  The region is dotted with ancient cities, hidden caves, vineyards and olive groves, secluded beaches, Roman shipwrecks, and early churches. Once a major hub of Mediterranean trade, it has been known for millennia as a centre of ship-building.
Kimberly II is a beautiful traditional displacement vessel with a Gentleman club interior style, offering very spacious volumes for guests and crew, thanks to a very generous beam. The interior lay-out includes the salon, the dining- room, the galley and the Owner’s suite on the main deck; a sitting-room on the upper deck, where are also located the Captain’s double cabin and those for further two crew members; four double cabins for guests on the lower deck
Who is the central charter agent?
What is her Charter Rate?
€150,000 per week