Buy A Berth In Malta Before the Price Increases by 15%

Kurt Fraser Sales & Marketing Director Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Ltd has told us that he plans to rise the prices of dockage in Grand Harbour Marina Malta.

High demand for berths at Grand Harbour in Malta has led to annual increases in rental tariffs, averaging 13% per annum since 2007. This average increases are the same on both pontoon berths 10m to 25m and super yacht berths of 30m to 100m. Given the many advantages of Malta, it is likely that rates will continue to increase at similar levels in the future.

The marina’s success is largely due to its ideal location in the centre of the Mediterranean within three days cruising to the principle yachting centres of France, the Balearics, Croatia, the Greek Islands and Turkey.

This, combined with the ease of access, english language, stable yacht friendly government, technical services, and beautiful historic environment make Malta an attractive homeport option for both yacht owners and crews.

Malta offers exceptional value with super yacht berths currently sold at between €2,050 (30m to 60m) and €2,250 (60m to 100m). Due to the limited number of berths available at many sizes and an increase in super yacht visits and occupancy, Grand Harbour Marina will be increasing its berth purchase prices as of July 1, 2013. Exact figures have not yet been released, but the increase will be 15% or more.

Even with the price increase, Malta will remain a highly strategic location offering yacht owners outstanding value as compared to many popular homeport alternatives that range from 3,500 – 6,500 per square metre, or more in the most popular of locations. So the price increase is bringing the marina into more competitive territory as compared to marinas of comparable quality.

Competitive pricing compared to other marinas in the marina aside, GHM is experiencing scarcity at popular sizes of berths, despite a conservative number of sales through the downturn. 2011 saw a 30m and 46m berth sold at GHM and inventory limited at popular sizes includes only 2 remaining 30m, 2 remaining 35m, 2 70m and 1 100m. With the increase in marina visits and occupancy, the pressure for achieving sales is reduced. Prices remain highly competitive but are more inline with the market – and given the number of new builds being delivered soon, Fraser feels confident that interest will increase.