Bodrum to Knidos Sailing aboard E&E

We left Bodrum sailing aboard E&E and sailed for the solitude of an uninhabited island.  We chose Orak Adasi some 10 miles distant and a barren but rocky island offering an anchorage of great natural beauty.  The water clarity here is amazing.  We dropped our anchor in 18 metres of water and could still see it and the chain all the way to the bottom.  Then we went astern and tied to the shore for a peaceful evening and our overnight stay.

From Orak Adasi we motored to Knidos on the tip of Cape Krio.  The Harbour here has been in use since the 6th century before Christ and the ruins of the city show it was a great trading post that boasted two Harbours and two amphitheaters.

It is famous for its statue of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love created by Praxiteles one of the great sculptors of the 4th century BC.  It was the first time a statue of a naked women had been seen and was because of its sexy nature responsible for an increase in the number of tourists the city saw. Rumour has it that there was a door Behind the statue that could be opened from which visitors could obtain a good view of her shapely posterior.

The famous scientist Eudoxos lived here around the same time.  As a mathematician and astronomer, he built an observatory here and spent much time mapping the stars.

Sostratus was an architect and also came from these parts.  His claim to fame was that he designed the Pharos lighthouse in Alexandria one of the seven wonders of the world.