Visit to Danish Yachts

Look at the map of Denmark and search for the point of land at the very northernmost tip that juts out into the Skaggeract.  If the map is big enough you will find Skagen.

This is the town where Danish Yachts is located and has become our destination for this trip.

Danish Yachts are pioneering their way forward into the Carbon Fibre structure building both Superyachts and commercial craft.  We are visiting them undertaking research into what will become a Yard Report in a future edition of Superyacht Business magazine.

Moon Goddess and Shooting Star are their most famous Carbon Fibre built yachts but the yard also build the J Class replica Ranger out of steel along with the Tony Castro designed Fidel.
We stayed at Ruth’s hotel a five star resort that dominates the town.  Skagen comes alive in the summer and this hotel plus every other bed in town is fully booked during these warmer months when the days are long and the light perfect.  It has a charm of its own that would be very difficult to describe if you did not use the words typically Danish.