US TV Channel to Give Superyacht Crews The Love Boat Treatment

Those of us who joined the superyacht industry having served as officers aboard passenger liners still recall with horror the cringe inducing treatment US TV executives gave our profession when they screened the Love Boat.

They portrayed the ships company as class less buffoons who were nothing more than bumbling idiots.

So worry now superyacht crew because the American TV Channel Bravo has begun work on a new series called Below Decks

They have described it as being somewhat like Downton Abbey where the upstairs and downstairs worlds collide when a young and single crew of yachties live, love and work together onboard a luxurious mega yacht while tending to the ever-changing needs of their wealthy, demanding charter guests.

On the one hand Love Boat did cheapen the concept of cruising and while that was a bad thing for those who worked in the industry it did on the other hand make the general public aware that cruising could be enjoyed by a greater number of people.

Who knows maybe Below Decks will have the same agenda.

What is your opinion?  Good Thing / Bad Thing?

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