The Largest Ever Yacht to be Built in Holland

The rumour mill is agog with gossip about a newly signed order for a yacht over 100 metres that will be built in The Netherlands.  But having spoken with Robert Moran of Moran Yacht and Ship in Fort Lauderdale he confirmed that the contract had been signed but refused to make any other comments at this time.

The news that they will oversee the build in Holland adds to the already impressive list of yachts in build for Moran clients which includes the:
  • 86 metre Rocky from Lurssen
  • 55 metre Step One from Amels
  • 69 metre Sea Axe Garcon from Amels / Damen
  • 88 metre Bellissimo from Lurssen
  • 55 metre AAA from Amels
  • 43 metre Apostrophe from Hakvoort

More news will be released about this yacht in one months time but one thing you can be sure of; it will be seen here on this Web site first.

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