Superyacht Sales Continue Despite Negative News

“So far, so good.” says Hein Velema CEO of Fraser Yachts in a recent report detailing his views on the state of the superyacht industry in 2012.  He adds, “The start of the year has seen yachts continue to be sold despite negative economic forecasts from the EU region and while the charter market has been slow over the winter it is now steadily picking up for the summer season.

Sellers were somewhat apprehensive at the start of the year with the avalanche of negative economic news in the Euro zone creating fears about a drop in brokerage deals.

However so far this does not appear to have happened and a number of sales have been made in the first few months of 2012.

The brokerage market does not seem to have slowed down, either in number or in value. However the trend for business moving from Europe to the US does seem to be continuing and greater strength is now seen in the US market. 

Despite the continued selling of brokerage yachts there is still an oversupply of yachts for sale and this is keeping actual selling prices as low as in 2010 and 2011.

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