My Favourite Place: Singapore, Springboard into Asia

Roshini Pahlajani, Charter Broker at Oceanstyle explains why Singapore is such a special place to charter a superyacht.
Fly into Singapore’s meticulously spotless Changi International airport from almost anywhere in the world, or touch down at the Jetquay on your own private jet, Asia’s most happening metropolis is your doorway to discovery.
Evolving at a heady pace, Singapore is no longer the dull sterile Utopia of yore. Offering the most stylish and innovative of restaurants, the latest in designer shopping, the thrill of  fast cars for the Formula 1 lovers and the quiet calls of nature at the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore caters to every age and every taste.
Relax at the Scarlet Hotel, a mix of heritage and contemporary boutique, conveniently located just moments from the Temple of Heavenly Bliss. Whether you fancy a Singapore Sling at the legendary Raffles hotel or a taste of any one of the multitude of flavours at a local hawker bar, Singapore beckons you to explore the treasures of the Orient.
Head North, South, East or West from Singapore and you will find yourself in an exotic Asian paradise.
Take a boat from the One 15 Marina at Sentosa island in Singapore and head south to the pristine dive sites of the Anambas islands. Be one of the first to revel on the unspoilt beaches of this cluster of Indonesian islands, well known for fantastic diving and snorkeling.  
For a taste of Thailand and riviera glamour, head north on your very own private charter. Sail up to Phuket, and soak in the sun sea and quiet marine paradise of the Butang islands along the way. Or perhaps spot the magnificient eagles on the Eagle island of Langkawi.
So why wait, paradise is only a decision away.
You can visit: Anambas islands, Riau Archipelago, Phuket Langkawi
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