Masked Up, the Name of the First of the Infiniti Yachts is Revealed

The very first yacht to be built for Infiniti Yachts at the Danish Yachts’ facility to feature the exclusive patented Dynamic Stability System foil has been seen by us.

She is masked up and ready to begin her road trip from the builders yard in Skagen to the South of France where she will take to the water for testing very soon.

We can reveal that the top secret prototype yacht will, in all probability, be called Foiled! But it could, said Gordon Kay, have been called Vanishing Act or Lateral Thinking.

The name is a reference to the hydrodynamic foil, which deploys sideways from the hull to leeward.  As the yacht heels, the completely invisible underwater foil provides ‘dynamic stability’ cutting effortlessly through the water, stabilising pitch and damping the motion that is especially experienced when sailing upwind in waves. 

The foil provides enhanced stability as well, which causes less heeling, and thus greater performance by keeping the yacht upright and developing much more power from the rig.  

DSS is very simple to operate – when the foil is not required it simply vanishes into the hull using a simple system similar to moving a daggerboard on a canting keel yacht.  On smaller yachts a single foil is wound in and out of each side mechanically using powered rollers, and on the larger yachts of the Infiniti range a separate foil can be fitted on each side of the hull and operated hydraulically. 

DSS is applied to all the new yachts in Infiniti’s introductory portfolio. All are available through YachtZoo the Monaco based yacht brokerage firm.  The Infiniti range has been developed for specific clients and includes a 16.5 metre ultimate day sailor, a 21 metre GT yacht, a 25 metre racing yacht, a 30 metre ultra high performance Mediterranean cruising yacht, a 30 metre Supermaxi racing yacht and a 46 metre ultra high performance cruiser. 

For all Infiniti designs the DSS will enhance their performance, keeping them more upright in stiff breezes than they would be without the foil or with the foil retracted and giving a much smoother ride in rough seas than would normally be expected. Typically an Infiniti yacht would outperform a like for like conventional yacht by as much as 30% in reaching conditions.

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