J Class Yacht Fleet Sailing UK Waters Shrinks

Just four of the expected J Class yachts will take part in the UK racing programme and not the six that had been expected and planned for.

Shortly after the end of the St Barths Regatta, Hanuman, who had come last of the four Js by the smallest of margins, was withdrawn from the 2012 UK events programme.

Endeavour has also announced that the owner has business elsewhere in June and cannot now attend the Falmouth Regatta.

Even though this is a big disappointment for those who expected a mighty fleet, four of these massive yachts sailing in Falmouth bay will still offer a spectacular sight – not to be missed.

Velsheda is due to arrive in Falmouth shortly. Her support yacht Bystander has already arrived.

Ranger will berth first in Ocean Village, Southampton, before repositioning to Falmouth by early June.

The new yacht Rainbow, launched just before Christmas 2011, is now on sail trials in Holland in preparation for the event. She will be supported by the 57 metre motoryacht Holland.

Lionheart is also scheduled to arrive in Falmouth shortly.

The Js are planning to leave at the end of the Falmouth event, and reposition at Solent Refit, in preparation for the Solent regattas.

Endeavour is currently still planning to compete, together with the other four yachts, making a fleet of five.