First in-build Curvelle set for multi-owner use

There have been many attempts to launch shared ownership into the world of superyachting using timeshare and fractional ownership, none have lasted.

Believing they have a fresh approach, Yacht Marketing Limited,  are behind plans  to offer Syndicated Ownership of the new ‘Curvelle-Catamaran’, a 33 metre motor cat

The company emphatically their new concept deny it is neither Time Share nor Fractional Ownership.   however since syndicated owners will have to share time on board with others and will own less than 64 , 64ths of the entire yacht meaning they own a lesser fraction it all sounds a much of a muchness to us.

Marketed as the Quaranta, the boat is being built in Tusla Turkey and is due for completion at the end of the year.

The two hulls create accommodation can be configured for each syndicate user. They create a wide platform for the four decks and the whole interior space is comparable to a 40 monohull. The design allows for a massive swim platform not normally found on yachts this size. When raised it is the tender deck and when lowered it becomes the beach club, big enough for a small submarine and perfect for easy wheelchair access.

Six double cabins can be re-configured by the crew into three VIP suites or more than twenty other combinations, with just a few hours notice. 

One of the key selling features  is the exceptionally large windows. Unusually large for a 34m yacht, the RINA classification for the windows allows Atlantic passages with paying guests as opposed to a restriction to 50nm from the coast.

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