An Italian Charter Itinerary

With the Italian Yacht Tax problem dissipated, YPI have been quick to draw up a delightful charter itinerary.  Perfect for non-Italians, who now do not need to worry about the tax, it offers highlights of the Italian coastline between Naples and Portofino.
Day 1: Capri
Your yacht charter leaves Naples for Capri, the pearl of the Bay of Naples
Day 2: Amalfi
Cruise along the Amalfi coast to the town of Amalfi, rich with maritime history.
Day 3: Positano
Next day head for Positano, one of the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi coast, where the houses that pepper the hillsides are built in Moorish style.
Day 4: Ischia
Take an early morning cruise to the beautiful Island of Ischia seething with hot springs.
Day 5: Pontine Islands
Choose between several lovely islands to visit – maybe visit wonderful Ponza or choose to circumnavigate Ventotene Island before stopping for lunch and watersports.
Day 6: Elba
Overnight cruise to Elba, which is a green and mountainous island hardly touched by time.
Day 7: Portofino
Make an early morning trip to Portofino and arrive in time for lunch in this very aristocratic resort, and soak up all its beauty and sophistication.
For a more detailed itinerary by YPI click here
Now all you need to do is choice a charter yacht for that fabulous holiday………