Watch the America’s Cup World Series in Naples,Italy

Who is she?
33m “fast commuter” Marhaba built by Ocea shipbuilding in 2007
Where is she chartering?
Between 7 and 15 April in Naples, Italy
Why is she special?
Apart from being a lovely classically styled yacht it is her location in April that makes her special.
Guests will be able to see the first America’s Cup World Series Event in 2012. It is going to be exciting and how much better to watch from the water than fight the crowds ashore.  The city has embraced the racing enthusiastically and Mayor Luigi de Magistris said “The city is getting ready to host the event in the best possible way. This event will allows us all to fully enjoy the beauty of the sea, of the beach and of the landscape (of our city)…”  
Who is the central charter agent?
What is her Charter Rate?
From €46,000pw for up to 9 guests