Update of Italian Superyacht Berthing Tax Laws

Details are beginning to emerge that put flesh on the recent news that Italy has had a rethink on ways to tax superyachts while in Italian waters

It seems that the yachting division of Federagenti Association the national association of maritime agents and various other associations in Italy, have been lobbying hard

Francesco Luise of ships agents J Luise and Sons Ltd  is a member of the Association and confirms, “amendment which modifies the recent Berthing Tax law supposed to be enforced on May 1st next, has been passed.” 

This tax will now only be applied to Italian owned vessels and will not affect foreign owned vessels, private or commercial, chartering and cruising in the Italian waters.

In other words the law as now amended is aimed specifically at Italian owners and passengers

Italian owners will now be required to pay an annual fee according to the vessel’s LOA and no longer on a daily basis while in Italian waters.

Any yacht, regardless of the flag she flies, that hosts Italian guests on board will also be required to pay the tax.

The exception to this rule is when it is confirmed that those Italians on board are guests of the vessel’s foreign owner and they can provide proof that the foreign owner is on board during the cruise.

The specific daily cost of this tax will now be calculated by dividing the annual tax rate (based on the vessels LOA) by 365 a number, which is then multiplied by the number of days the vessel remains in Italian waters to get the tax to be paid figure.

Annual Tax Rates

  • Yachts from 10.01 m to 12 m will pay 800 € per year
  • Yachts from 12.01 m to 14 m will pay 1,160 € pa
  • Yachts from 14.01 m to 17 m will pay 1,740 € pa
  • Yachts from 17.01 m to 20 m will pay 2,600 € pa
  • Yachts from 20.01 m to 24 m will pay 4,400 € pa
  • Yachts from 24.01 m to 34 m will pay 7,800 € pa
  • Yachts from 34.01 m to 44 m will pay 12,500 € pa
  • Yachts from 44.01 m to 54 m will pay 16,000 € pa
  • Yachts from 54.01 m to 64 m will pay 21,500 € pa
  • Yachts above 64 m will pay 25,000 € pa

Sailboats: will pay 1/2 what a motorboat will pay

Boats over 5 years old will receive a 15% discount
Boats over 10 years old will receive a 30% discount
Boats over 15 years old will receive a 45% discount