Superyacht Crews Can Now Donate Unwanted Yacht Shirts to Charity

ECO Crew is a new French registered charity set up to work with the super yachting community.

They collect sort out and distribute clothes discarded by yachts in the South of France. Clothes with yachts’ logos are sent to Eastern Europe, clothes without yachts’ logos and other items are given to local charities. All reiepts are fully logged and traceability maintained.

To donate clothing your yacht no longer needs:

They will then set up a time and date to collect the items

They ask crew to help them by separating items into the different types.  This helps in making sure they get to the right charity.

Boxes have been donated by Smurfitt Kappa in Brignols France for this

ECO Crew will officially launch at the Antibes Yacht Show, which has donated space and full coverage for no charge

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