Lauren L chartering in the Seychelles

Who is she?
Lauren L at 90 metres is one of the largest and most sumptuous yachts available for charter that can generously accommodate up to 40 guests
Where is she chartering?
In the Seychelles for the month of April. 
Why is she special?
Because she is the perfect private yacht for so many different types of charter:
  • For health and wellness retreats: A luxurious spa complete with sauna, steam room and aromatherapy room plus beauty and hair salon.
  • For water sport enthusiasts: an array of toys including tubsters, thrashers, waterboards, windsurfs, watersledges, and diving equipment
  • For corporate meetings:a spacious conference room and helicopter platform to get people on and off easily
  • For Entertaining: 1800 sq metres over four decks offering enormous open areas as well as small intimate nocks
  • For family vacations: a fully supervised crèche available throughout the day

Who is the central charter agent?
What is her Charter Rate?
€695,000 per week