Hopeful Superyacht Captain wins Brain Injury Claim

Solicitors Hodge Jones & Allen acting for a man who was training to become a superyacht Captain have won him a compensation payout expected to reach into the millions, following a car accident that left him severely brain damaged.

Craig Tavares was hit by a car when crossing the road on a shopping street in Southampton, the Southampton Daily Echo reported.

The High Court ruled that one of the contributing factors to the accident was the defendants relative inexperience.

Presiding judge Mr Justice Globe also ruled that the car was driven at “excessive speed” and its driver had a “very poor understanding of the responsibilities of being the driver of a car,” the newspaper recounted.

As a result of substandard driving, Mr Tavares suffered severe brain injuries that have impeded his mobility and his ability to keep his balance.

What’s more, the claimant has experienced anger management problems following the incident and will be unable to pursue his chosen career as a superyacht Captain.

However, Mr Tavares was found to be partially at fault for failing to look left a second time when crossing the road.

Nonetheless, the Daily Echo revealed that the claimant is expected to be awarded millions of pounds as part of the brain injury claim, because of the extent of his injuries.

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