Canal Dredging Will Benefit Superyacht Service Yards in Fort Lauderdale

Shipyards servicing superyachts in Fort Lauderdale are to benefit from a $6.5 million dollar project to deepen the Dania Cut Off Canal

The dredging of a mile-long stretch of canal is part of an area wide waterway dredging plan that a study shows will boost the economy of Broward and Palm Beach counties by $18 million a year.

The project will deepen the canal from 3 to 5 metres, giving up to 75 metres access to repair and maintenance shipyards along the waterway.

Jason Harrington, operations manager for Dania Cut Super Yacht Repair Facility told the local newspaper Sun Senital  “This will now open the whole area up and will benefit everybody in the local economy.”

Deepening the canal should also reduce strong tidal currents that now flow through the waterway. These have been known to be a danger to small boat users in the past.

Part of the project includes maintenance dredging of a dock at Port Everglades.