The Debenhams Superyacht

Since 1939, Neiman Marcus a  chain of department stores in America has issued an annual Christmas catalog, a tradition of unusual and extravagant gifts not sold in its stores

Now we learn that The Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft will be at the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach later this month

In 1952, Stanley Marcus introduced a new tradition of having extravagant and unusual gifts in each year’s Christmas catalog, The Christmas Book. At one point, the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog carried the distinction of being the item most stolen from recipients’ mailboxes, prompting a Chicago postmaster to suggest the company switch to enclosing the catalogs in plain brown wrappers.

Hacker-Craft  is the largest American manufacturer of classic mahogany motorboats.  Their boats are a combination of cutting edge technology and retro glamour, the 27’ all mahogany speedboat is hand built by master boat builders who labored more than 1400 hours to build this magnificent vessel. The gleaming hull and decks have 15 coats of varnish.

Their richly appointed interior Neiman Marcus Edition boat boasts style luxuries that include a sterling silver plaque on the dashboard identifying the boat as a “Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft;” liquor cabinet with crystal decanters; monogrammed humidor; matched set of monogrammed towels, champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, napkins; cocktail blender; refrigerator; gold leaf waterline; custom designed bow flag; set of Hacker-Craft polo and long sleeve button-down shirts embroidered with: “Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker Craft;” sound system; GPS.

But is this the start of a new trend?  The Louis Vitton  Princess cannot be that far off, but what is next?  Will Southampton see the launch of the John Lewis Sunseeker and London the Marks and Spencer Fairline?