Sevenstar Yacht Transport Expands in UK

Within months of the new Sevenstar office opening in England, the company has doubled its team in size as of February 1st.

Whilst the core business of Sevenstar Yacht Transport is to utilise its own fleet where possible to ship yachts around the world, the Sevenstar UK office also successfully offers liner options to its clients so opening up a whole new avenue of shipping options in addition to the lift-on-lift-off services.

One of the company’s greatest strengths lies with its parent company Spliethoff. The Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group is the largest shipowner in the Netherlands, specialising in heavy lift vessels which are ideal for carrying yachts.

Sevenstar Yacht Transport UK has recently shipped yachts to:

  • China,
  • India
  • Brazil
  • USA
  • Russia
  • Hong Kong
  • The Maldives

Next to worldwide liner shipping Sevenstar Yacht Transport offers 120 sailings with a combined number of 500 port calls a year. Sevenstar has the capabilities to handle both the smallest of trailer boats, right up to some of the largest super yachts (52 metres, 640MT).

Sevenstar makes the difference by the hard work and experience of its employees, flexibility of services and competitive pricing. It’s staff understand the unique requirements of yacht owners offering customers a choice of transportation options to any worldwide destination.