Revolutionary Pay As You Sail ENC Service Launched

E-navigation company Navtor has announced a market first, with the launch of its ‘Pay As You Sail’ Electronic Navigation Charts service (ENC).

The DNV approved service offers an easy, and cost effective, solution for the complicated task of managing Electronic Navigation Charts.

The IMO’s ECDIS mandate requires registered vessels to use ENC as their prime navigation charts. This mandate begins in July 2012, with a need to comply with regulations by 2018.

At present navigators on vessels have to calculate which ENCs they will need for journeys and pre-order them via email, while also collecting the relevant permits and licences prior to leaving port. Much of the navigators’ valuable time is therefore spent on administration.

The PAYS system puts the navigator back in control. It works on a subscription basis, allowing navigators to immediately access the charts they need.

As the name suggests, the user only pays for the charts they actually need when they set sail.