Italian Repair Yards Make Offer

With the pending introduction of new “Salva Italia” (save Italy) taxation laws, it is likely that all yachts in Italian waters (within 12 miles of the shore) will be charged a tax from May 1st.

The law as it stands at the moment allows yachts on the hard will be exempt and, as part of a bid to lessen the financial burden this berthing tax brings, Italian shipyards are making attractive offers to owners seeking to refit yachts in the country.

Leading the way are the Lusben shipyards in Viareggio and Livorno.

Sales Co-Ordinator Marco Nouvo has announced that his firm has put together a six month package for the hauling, launching and hard-standing of a yacht.

The cost of the hard-standing will be the same as the cost of the berthing rate in the local marina and if the yacht carries out refit jobs during this period they will offer substantial savings of up to 60% on services offered by the yard.

The full impact of the law has yet to be understood or felt by the Italian marine industry who are lobbying to have much of it changed before implementation