Cloud-Based Job Costing Software for Superyacht Projects Released

Late delivery and grossly over running budgets may soon be things of the past, thanks to a revolutionary cloud-based job costing system launched recently.

Developed specifically for the marine construction industry, the ProjectPerfect job costing and tracking system provides real-time construction data that will track any new build or refit project in minute detail. The comprehensive, cloud-based data system remains with the yacht throughout its lifecycle, providing invaluable information during resale.

Designed for use by yacht owners, shipyards or sub-contractors, it is a user-friendly interface that allows the entire team to follow the progress of a project in real time and quickly identify any potential delays or additional costs.

Customised for the project it is tracking, the system follows each task and cost – down to the installation of a single light switch cover – from concept to project completion.

Designed to easily monitor actual costs task by task, job by job, and hour by hour, the programme equips yacht owners and project managers with the most accurate, real-time and definitive data available.

Work is allocated, scheduled and controlled from the job costing system, and once completed, tasks are reported back into the system, allowing current project conditions to be reported immediately.

With this software yacht owners enjoy instant access and real-time data on their project’s status, a benefit that provides invaluable peace of mind – regardless of whether this is a team’s first or 15th yacht project.

“Construction, especially marine construction, is a high-risk industry,” says Christopher Holmes of StellarPM the company who developed the programme.  He added “It may not take long for a job estimated at a profit to start losing money, long before the yard is aware and the owner is informed that there is a problem.”

Based in Fort Lauderdale, StellarPM is a data management firm focused on delivering the most comprehensive data and tools needed to successfully construct or refit a yacht from concept to completion.