Gustavia in St Barts Lights up for New Year

Photo (Daily Mail)

As is usual at this time of year the docks of the tiny yet chic port of Gustavia where packed with superyachts whose owners were keen to enjoy the festive fun.

One owner has been getting his own share of the glory and plenty of press coverage for attending with two of his superyachts namely the 163 metre Eclipse and her consort the 115 metre Luna

Other yachts in port for the festivities included:

  • Sycara IV and Sycara V
  • Penny Mea
  • Ticonderoga
  • Satori
  • Lady Georgina
  • Harle
  • odessa
  • Hannuman
  • Happy Dyas
  • Battered Bull
  • Phoenix
  • Le Grand Bleu
  • Balaju