Demasted, Capsized, Jury Rigged, Set on Fire, Sunk and Finally Blown Up. No Way to Treat a Yacht.

Demasted, Capsized, Jury Rigged, Set on Fire, Sunk and Finally Blown Up.  This is no way to treat a yacht.
One of the more interesting exhibits at this years London Boat Show was the Yachting Monthly Crash Test Boat.
Even HRH Princess Ann and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence managed to stop by the stand and talk to Paul Gelder the magazines editor.
The boat a ketch rigged Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40 named Fizzical belongs to Robert Holbrook the CEO of Admiral Insurance a company that insures a great many yachts.
He donated the boat to Yachting Monthly who have, over the past year amongst other things, demasted her, run her aground, set her alight and finally blown her up.
The lessons learned have been filmed and photographed and published in monthly editions of the IPC Magazine.
Now just in case you missed it you can see the whole thing again by downloading an App from the iTunes store
The Yachting Monthly Crash Test Boat App takes the viewer through all the disasters which can overtake sailors afloat: dismasting, jury rig, grounding, fire, capsize, hole-in-the-hull, seacock failure and gas explosion.
The lessons learned from these serial disasters have been well received globally by thankful yachtsmen who are now much better armed against potential peril.
Be warned however that the App takes nearly an hour to download and that is because it is so full of video content