Cork, an eco-friendly material for superyachts

Antonio Costamante, a project manager and quality surveyor for superyacht fit-outs, has created the Save Cork Association*, engaged in the research and development of all the possible applications of cork on superyachts, as well as other eco-friendly and low-impact materials for superyacht building and refitting.
During the interior fit-out of Damahwil a Dubois 121’ sailing yacht, launched in Lorient in July 2010, Costamante worked in cooperation with LIEGE HPK , a French company.  They specialise in studying and producing cork engineered components, who selecte cork agglomerate plates for use as anti-vibration and acoustic insulation of the floor boards of the yacht.
The HPK strips of cork guarantee the same performance as sylomer synthetic foam, but do so using an organic and recyclable material.
*SAVE CORK is the project launched for the “eco-refit” of CORK, a 20-metre, one-off custom sailing yacht, built in Italy in Mahogany wood in 1974. Discover the Cork refit project on