Novurania Introduces Practical Bow-Ramp Tender to Superyacht Sector

The difficult part of a bow- ramp tender design is the seal between the opening ramp and the hull.

Now Novurania, the manufacturer of tenders for Superyachts have teamed up with and Florida designer and toolmaker Victor Chapman to build and distribute a line of bow-ramp Superyacht tenders and sports boats that will be labelled the “Novurania Chapman” series.
After customer research into the bow-ramp tender market conducted through their client network, Novurania went to mould maker Chapman who already had a bow-ramp concept on his drawing board.
Together, they have refined the design to launch a 3 boat range of bow – ramp tenders from 3 to 4 metres.
The hull is a deep V design and not the usual catamaran style hull that has characterized bow-ramp tenders in the past.
Performance and a dry ride in steep seas are enhanced with the effect of the inflatable tubes acting as shock absorbers and spray deflectors.
A 4 metre model is available for viewing and demonstrations at Novurania’s Fort Lauderdale retail facility.