Zodiac Marine Launches Eversafe Liferafts to UK Market

Already a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of inflatable boats, RIBs, tenders and liferafts, Zodiac Marine has launched its compact Eversafe liferaft to the UK market, adding to its growing safety range.
The polyurethane/nylon triplex fabric makes sure that the liferaft is lightweight, highly visible and durable.
The Eversafe is available in three sizes to comfortably and safely accommodate four, six or eight people. The liferaft has a self-inflating arch to offer maximum head room.
A boarding ladder is provided to assist passengers getting into the liferaft and users can choose between a canister or valise, both of which are supplied with essential safety equipment including hand flares, a repair kit, torch and a pair of floating paddles.
In addition, the liferaft contains four 30 litre ballast systems for stability.
The ISO 9650 standard for liferaft’s distinguishes between two categories: ‘Type 1’, which is intended for ocean navigation and ‘Type 2’, for coastal navigation.
It complies with the requirements of ISO 9650 Type 1. Other liferaft’s in the Zodiac Marine range include the Coaster, (ISO 9650, Type 2) designed for coastal navigation, which automatically inflates between temperatures of 0°C and 65°C.
It comes equipped with numerous safety and medical provisions and is available in three sizes to accommodate four, six or eight people.
The Open Sea liferaft (ISO 9650, Type 1, Group A) is tailored for long voyages and will withstand high winds and difficult seas. The liferaft will inflate between temperatures of -15°C and 65°C and come in four sizes, the largest of which can hold up to ten people.
As well as introducing the new Eversafe to the liferaft range, Zodiac Marine is offering competitive pricing for its range of liferafts, including the Coaster and Open Sea rafts.