Superyachts Have Easier Access to Indonesian Waters

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has signed into law a new maritime tourism regulation that is expected to change the face of yachting, not only within Indonesia but throughout the region.
The signing of the new law, possibly the most important development in Asian Superyachting this year, forms the framework to ease the regulations regarding foreign yacht visits, create conditions that will encourage investment and facilities, and stimulate the general economic development of coastal communities.
The Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Dr. Edy Irawady, announced the passing of the new law when attending the ASEAN Fair in Bali last weekend.
He said “ our prime objective is economic stimulus for local coastal communities and this change will achieve this while creating a transparent yachting industry in Indonesia”.
The law is a result of comprehensive consultancy between the Government and the private sector led by Indo Yacht Support & Yacht Support Group co-founder Captain Cilian Budarlaigh.
IYS will continue their consultancy role and have helped write the implementation protocols which are currently being disseminated.
Monitoring it’s use and results will also be ongoing.
The game changing law will open Indonesia’s doors to visiting yachts; which in turn will open the gate between the Pacific Ocean and Asia & Indian Ocean. Further information can be obtained from Captain Cilian Budarlaigh