Introducing V-Box – A Revolutionary Premium Entertainment Content Service

This is such a clever idea that the concept could well have been invented by a crew member bored of loading movies on to the yachts entertainment system
Imagine an entertainment system where crew will no longer have to spend hours selecting and loading music tracks and movies on to the yacht’s central media server.
Instead a yacht could have a content package that is delivered pre-loaded on the server, which then automatically updates with new releases and pre-released movies – keeping the yacht fully-up-to-date and the guests entertained with the very latest in music, movies and news.
That is what is on offer now from Veritas.

Called V Box it is a comprehensive, bespoke entertainment content service that updates automatically via VSAT.
V-Box represents a new product class for super and luxury yachts.  Media content services devised for commercial shipping are available but are substantially more expensive and often less flexible.

Veritais has instead developed a system in response to the input received from its customers, and the result is a service that meets their needs using technology that can already be found on board their vessels and with a pricing structure that is highly adaptable.