Compact and Low Cost HS70 GPS Compass Offers Good Value

Electronic compasses seem to be reliable enough now for yachts to fit them without worrying that they will get lost if the power fails.

The HS70 from Simrad delivers a quick time-to-first-fix and also excellent in-band and out-of-band interference rejection.

It features two multipath-resistant antennas and offers 0.75 degree heading accuracy and a 1.0 m differential positioning accuracy 95% of the time.

As it has no black box, it is maintenance free and portable.

Additionally, its compact size – with an all in one antenna measuring only 40cm/16-inches – allows it to be easily mounted to any flat surface or pole.
The device is suitable for vessels of all sizes where IMO approval is not required.

The HS70 is particularly applicable to steel hulled vessels where rate compass interference is a problem.