Superyachts Can Now Watch TV in the Caribbean as soon as you arrive

For those who want to watch TV in the Caribbean as soon as they arrive, there is now a new pre-activated DirecTV decoder service from e3 Antigua
Due to the bottleneck in DirecTV decoder activations, caused by hundreds of yachts arriving in the Caribbean simultaneously, e3 Antigua has launched a new service to combat these delays and frustrations.
Any yacht can either order new, pre-activated DirecTV decoders with 6-month subscriptions, or arrange for existing decoders to be activated on a specific date to coincide with their estimated date of arrival.
New decoders are supplied and activated by e3 Antigua from their office in English Harbour, and can be delivered on board there, or sent to another island if required.
Mark Smith, e3’s Antigua manager, commented: “We have learnt from previous years that it is incredibly frustrating for guests to arrive in the Caribbean and find that the yacht is not set up to receive TV.
As result we have launched our new pre-activated service to get the TV service up and running as soon as the yacht arrives”.
Mark went on to stress that clients should be aware that activation may take up to 7 days to arrange after arrival if it is not pre-booked and paid for in advance