See in Adverse Weather Conditions

The greatest fear of many Captains is having to navigate in Adverse Weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog or smog.
With the development of a new device in Canada there may well be an answer
Of course every superyacht has radar but even the best of radars rely on the operator to interpret the picture correctly.
Radar is an effective eye in the dark and fog but rain can affect it badly so it pays to have a back up.
The Night Navigator SOS is a new device from the Current Corporation that uses four sensors to produce one image:
  • Image-Intensified Night Vision
  • Infrared Active Gated Laser
  • High-Resolution Thermal Imager
  • High-Definition day camera

The fusing of these combines to produce one image and it is mightily effective when used at sea.
Additional features include:
  • 3-Axis Gyro
  • Electronic stabilization
  • Weather presets
  • Automatic object detection
  • Object tracking
  • Self diagnostics

No other camera system on the market combines these sensors and provides this high level of quality in one system.
Main Features:
  • High-Resolution Uncooled Thermal Imager (640×480)
  • Image-Intensified Night Vision with Infrared Laser
  • High-Definition Day Camera (1080p or 720p selectable)
  • 3-Axis Gyro Stabilisation
  • Hardware and IP-Based Controls
  • Touchscreen control via iNightNav App for iPod/iPad
  • Digital cameras, digital fusion
  • Matching optical and digital zoom
  • Depth of field, edge and dynamic range enhancement
  • Multi-patented embedded algorithms