PYA launches New Training Programme for Superyacht Interior Crew

The Professional Yachtsman’s Association (PYA) is to launch a new formal structure for the training and certification of interior crew working on large yachts.
It will do so at both the Monaco Yacht Show and at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
The structure for the new programme has been developed in close consultation with all the stakeholders including:
  • Interior Crew
  • Captains
  • Training Providers
  • Charter Agents
  • Crew Agencies

Deck and engineering crew have long benefited from a clearly defined scheme, based on formal study and work experience, for achieving certification, but, until now, no such scheme has been available to interior crew.
Interior yacht crew play a vital and fundamental role as the front line interface with owners and guests: their job is to ensure that top level service and hospitality are provided on board.
Until now there has been little formal training available for this role and, furthermore, the training that does exist varies widely in both objectives and standards.
The aim of this new career structure is to build on the combination of work experience and formal training.
Each level of qualification, from Introduction Level, through Operational Level to Management Level is achieved by combining time spent with working for guests on-board with formal study. In this way, a comprehensive industry standard for the training of interior crew has been created.
The PYA established a Work Group that spent the last year working to establish a clear career path for Interior Crew Training and Certification. The result of this effort is the Guidelines for Unified Excellence Service Training (GUEST)
The PYA will present GUEST to the industry, during the Monaco Yacht Show, at the PYA’s forum: “Sea Changes – New Currents for Superyachts” which will take place at 17.00 on Thursday 22nd. September at the Monaco International School, Monaco.
A further presentation will take place, during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, at the Superyacht Society Forum on 28th October.