Superyacht Style Fishing Hotel Opens Offshore in Gulf of Mexico

The problem many deep sea sports fisherman find is that the fish they want, are generally a long way off shore.

To get to prime fishing grounds many of them have to endure hours of high speed bumpy boat trips to get to where they can settle down peacefully and do what they enjoy doing most.

Go Fishing!

But now, a group of enthusiastic and wealthy sports fishermen have taken an idea from superyacht aficionados and have found what they see as an ideal way to indulge their sport in some comfort and without the need for lengthy transits out to sea and back to harbour each day.

Six years ago they purchased a transatlantic pipe-laying barge. This 117 metre catamaran was towed because it has no engines, to the Dominican Republic where it was put through a multi-million dollar refurbishment.

When it emerged from dry dock it was called Fisherman’s Paradise and is now a 36-guest, 4-star floating hotel.

Anchored off the coast of Mexico some 15 miles off Clearwater Beach in Florida, the floating facility now boasts luxury facilities such as:

  • a spa
  • fitness centre
  • cinema
  • swimming pool
  • and helicopter platform for quick and easy transfers.
A marina dock at her stern accommodates five large fishing and dive boats, whose role is to take guests out to prime fishing and dive sites.

Set to open on 9 September, the plan is that the barge will move to other locations in the Gulf and Caribbean where wealthy guests can sample superb fishing and diving.

Reporter Bill Bishop has more details on his Web site and carries this story as a news item