Sharks and Superyachts in St Tropez

For most superyacht Captains the stress is the arrival at St Tropez, the need to enter turn 180 degrees inside the small port drop anchor and back down on to the dock can be (believe me) quite nerve racking.
The stress on departure lies with the local divers whose job it is to unravel the almighty underwater mess created by superyachts dropping their anchor chains one on top of the other.
That stress level might just have increased a little now that Nicolas Faucon a professional diver working in the harbour saw a large shark swim by him three times over the weekend.
He told the local newspaper Var-Matin  “A shark passed by 50cm (20 inches) from me. I am 100 per cent sure of it.”
“It didn’t seem aggressive. It looked at me, and then changed direction,” Faucon said.
The diver made a swift exit, but said he saw the shark again when he went back underwater an hour later, and he spotted it again, further away, the following day.
What worries me is, if the shark is in the harbour for breakfast, where does he go for lunch?  Pamplone Beach perhaps!