Does Your Superyacht Conform to Lightship Regulations

The requirement for checking the lightship displacement and centres of gravity of commercial yachts apply to all LY2-compliant yachts registered with a Red Ensign Flag.  The Marshall Islands and Malta flags have similar requirements.
Mindful that the Isle of Man Ship Registry have highlighted these requirements recently in MSN 037, Manta Maritime have set out a four point plan to ensure superyachts stay within the law
In addition to meeting the legal requirements of the Codes, it is important for all vessels, especially passenger ships and yachts, to have their lightship displacement and centres of gravity measured on a regular basis, to monitor the effects on stability of any weight changes.
Naval Architects at Manta Maritime’s have performed numerous lightship checks and inclining experiments, and prepared many superyacht stability booklets for Class and Flag approval.
For each lightship check they undertake to:
  • Perform a thorough survey to establish the yacht’s non-lightship items and tank contents
  • Perform a freeboard survey to measure the displacement, trim and list
  • Make a comparison of the results with the information in the existing stability booklet
  • Prepare a report for forwarding to the applicable Flag or Class Society
In the unlikely event that their results show that the stability no longer complies with the legal requirements, they can offer a 20% discount for preparing a new stability booklet.