Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association Formed by 45 Founding Members

The Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA) has been formed by 45 Founding Members.  They come from 14 countries across the world, from Fiji to Japan, from Australia to the United Kingdom.
The primary objective of the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association is to promote the Asia-Pacific region to the global superyacht community both as the world’s “most exciting cruising destination” and as a superyacht construction, refit and services location. 
The Founding Members’ geographical split shows show that
  • 22% members are Singapore based
  • 13% UK
  • 13% Hong Kong
  • 11% Thailand
  • 10% Australia
  • 10% Malaysia
  • 7% India
  • 2% Fiji
  • 2% France
  • 2% Indonesia
  • 2% Netherlands
  • 2% Philippines
  • 2% Spain
  • 2% Japan

The APSA objective is to gather all of the important players from Asia as well as interested parties from the rest of the world work together to really open up and grow the superyacht industry in Asia, create commercial opportunities, share Asia-Pacific industry news and promote the region to the rest of the world.
APSA Chairman Colin Dawson said that “The whole of the yachting world is looking to Asia as the next unspoilt cruising ground and we are seeing a steady growth of both visiting yachts and privately owned yachts in the region.  One of the primary objectives of APSA is to set-up working groups around the region to identify what the region needs to do to set an effective agenda and work with Government agencies to create a sustainable superyacht industry.”
A special Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association ‘meet and greet’ week will be held from 7th – 13th November in Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.  APSA Founding Members will be encouraged to join together with other members in their region for dinner and discussions.
Mr Dawson commented “The APSA week will allow members to get together and discuss issues that affect them and give thoughts on the direction of the superyacht industry in the region. Guests of members will be welcome to join in and we hope that this will spread the word about the work we are doing and encourage new members to join.” 
The APSA Founding Committee will at the Monaco Yacht Show from 21st – 24th September and will be available to meet industry professionals to talk about APSA, the superyacht industry and the Asia-Pacific region.