Whose Fault is it that Superyachts are not Selling?

Traditionally summer is the peak of the superyacht sales season but according to some brokers the blame for the fact that they are not selling as well as they should lies out side Europe.  “Sales in the USA are behind the rest of the world and the slow market there is suppressing world prices.”  That is the statement being issued by Fraser Yachts.
The American market is not recovering as quickly as we had hoped. Both brokerage deals and new construction projects are developing at a much slower rate in the US than in Europe. When you compare the basic market conditions in these separate regions there are not a lot of differences and according to the latest statistics the wealth of the American clients is certainly not the reason for the disparity in sales. It appears to be a mind set that is restraining the US market and preventing deals being closed.
As a result of the slow American market prices elsewhere in world for yachts have been affected and are still fairly low.
The general view of brokers is that they do not expect that prices will go up any time soon.