Personal Submarines Available for Charter

Empowering superyacht charter guests to discover what lies beneath the unexplored surface of the sea, U‐Boat Worx (UBW), the Dutch submersible manufacturer, now has two submersibles available for charter.

Clients can go on their own personal quest or simply enjoy the underwater scenery and aquatic life. Several clients have already chartered the submersible together with their own yacht.

 “They feel like real explorers when they are diving on unexplored sites 100 meters below the surface” says Charlotte Schroots of UBW.

Professional researchers and offshore companies are also amongst UBW’s client portfolio. Submersibles can be a costly asset, therefore a flexible charter option is a valuable alternative.

These submersibles have advantages over SCUBA diving by allowing passengers to reach greater depths and stay underwater for extended time, in a dry, relaxed, comfortable, and spacious environment.

Unlike SCUBA diving, the passengers will not experience any pressure inside the submersible nor do they require extensive training.

The submersibles are powered by state‐of‐the‐art Lithium‐ion Batteries that are capable of packing more than three times the energy. This ensures the submersibles to perform diving operations up to six hours, emitting zero pollution into the ocean.

UBW will arrange the crew, all necessary support equipment, transportation to the desired destination and also accessories like HD camera’s, manipulator arms, lights and advanced tracking systems.

Clients decide which submersible will fit the needs of the mission. The company also has several exclusive itineraries that can be suggested to clients who are unfamiliar with the underwater world.
The available models are the:

  • “C‐Quester 3” a 3 person submersible
  • “C‐Explorer 2” is a 2 person submersible

Both offer a full 360‐degree transparent pressure hull, giving occupants the best unobstructed view possible.

Each have a maximum operating depth of 100 meters and for comfort both models are equipped with a powerful air conditioning system.

In the near future other models with extended depth capabilities will be added to the fleet.