Fuel Directive Could Cause Problems to Superyachts

With the new European directive coming into force in January 2011, all diesel used in boats now has to contain only a small amount of sulphur, making it practically sulphur Free.

While this reduces the amount of pollution caused by diesel engines, it does however make the fuel more likely to be affected by diesel bugs.
These side effects apply equally to ultra low sulphur diesel and Biodiesel.
A new diesel bug treatment additive can be used to eradicate these bugs and also as a preventative measure to stop them from occurring initially or in the future after treatment. 
To combat this threat A-Glaze Marine have launched a new Diesel Bug Treatment and Diesel Fuel Treatment.
A sister product to the diesel bug treatment, diesel fuel treatment is used as a preventative measure against diesel fuel bug, however it will also provide the following benefits:
  • Combats all of the effects of using biodiesel and ultra low sulphur diesel.
  • Gives greater lubricity to the fuel, allows for cleaner easier starting
  • Reduces emissions, improves fuel consumption
  • Reduces fuel line and injector deposits to zero.
  • Suitable for all diesel engine types and all diesel fuels.
Other recent additions to the A-Glaze marine range include MP sealant which has added UV protectors for area with high UV output such as:
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The Mediterranean
  • The Caribbean.