Super Yacht Management Takes to the Radio Air Waves

Radio is not a media support normally associated with the world of superyachts and superyacht owners.
But when that radio happens to cover the whole of the French Riviera from Monaco to St Tropez…and in English – capturing some of the world’s most influential leaders, business people, entrepreneurs and landed gentry as listeners – it’s a support that can’t be ignored.
Riviera Radio has been broadcasting across the Riviera for almost 25 years and is widely accepted as being the radio of choice for many of the 200,000 expats for whom the region now provides a primary or secondary residence.
YPI Head of Marketing, Mark Duncan was for many years the station’s Sales & Marketing Director. “It has a unique audience, the like of which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world,” he explains. “Our crew division, YPI Crew, has been using it as part of its communication strategy for almost 10 years and with great success.”
Franc Jansen, Head of YPI Management, wanted to reach owners and captains to tell them more about the advantages of professional yacht management today – inspired by YPI Crew, he was keen to test Riviera Radio.
“Because it is one of the few English stations in the area,” he explains, “it is one so many of our clients and captains from all over the world listen to when they are in the south of France. So I really wanted to give it a go.”
Initial feedback to the campaign, a combination of 30” spots and interviews broadcasting until after the Monaco Yacht Show in September, is very encouraging .
“It’s another way of getting the message of super yachts and luxury yachting out to people who are interested but have not yet had the time to find out more,” says Mark. ‘If only one person were to discover just how amazing luxury yachting is…I think we have succeeded.”