Fiji expands border security to accommodate Super Yachts

In a news story for The Fiji Brodacasting Corpoartion Ritika Pratap reports that The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) is having to expand its customs and immigration facilities to strengthen border securities.
BAF deputy chief executive Waisiki Gonemaituba says more officers are being recruited and undergoing training due to the increase in workload created by the recent influx of super yachts visiting Fiji.
Gonemaituba says the rise in arrival of super yachts is due to the 2010 Super Yacht Charter Decree, which was endorsed on March 30th last year.
“We have taken on board around 34 officers. They are in the process of being interviewed and they will be stationed on the port of entries and all other stations and also we will beef up our inspection on yachts – especially the super yachts which have increase in numbers.”
Gonemaituba adds that no significant changes have been made in the way they conduct their operations of inspecting and registering yachts.