SuperYacht Shipyards Face Financial Instability

Fraser Yachts advises their clients to be cautious when signing up to a new project
After eighteen months of really tough times for the shipyards, they are understandably eager to sign up new clients and build contracts.
They are being flexible on price, at least in comparison to two years ago, and keen to do pretty much whatever it takes to secure the business.
This has led to a strong level of interest in the market from clients looking to build new boats. However, you need to approach any new build project with your eyes wide open since there can be considerable financial risks.
Hein Velema CEO of Fraser Yachts advises, “Take into account the financial position of the shipyard and its shareholders. Evaluate the pros and cons of each yard with an experienced project manager or broker and undertake a like for like comparison before making any commitment. Manage the risks and you’ll definitely be able to find a yard/project that represents excellent value for money.”