Sales volume for smaller yachts has picked up

“The market for smaller superyachts has picked up and sales are significantly higher now than in 2010,” says Hein Velema CEO of Fraser Yachts.
There has been a significant number of brokerage sales over the course of the last month and the year to date sales figures are well ahead when compared against the same period last year.
The majority of the sales are from 24-35m and are therefore classed as being the smaller end of the market. Whilst the volume is up, the overall value is down since smaller yachts account for most of the sales.
In the last few days negotiations have been completed on a number of very large yachts meaning that the industry should see an adjustment in the value statistics in June.
The final contract prices are still at the same level as last year and are way below the asking prices.
The summer season is nearly upon us and based on our experience we expect a further increase in sales over the next three months.